Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How to Tell When You Need Furnace Repair

When you pay attention to your appliances, you know when they aren’t working efficiently. Your furnace is no different. There are signs that will alert you that it needs repair and maintenance. Even if you aren’t an expert, you can recognize things that warn you to get a service technician before your heater completely dies.

The most obvious sign that your heater is struggling is when you keep cranking up the thermostat, and your home isn’t getting warmer. However, finding the cause might be trickier. It could be your thermostat, or it could be a problem with your pilot light, or even leaking ducts.

If your electric bill is rising in the winter, it means your heater is performing inefficiently. Again, the root cause could be a number of things. If you are experiencing drafts around your home, or ice on the roof, the heat from your home could be escaping through the attic. The best course of action is to get a professional technician to diagnose the problem instead of attempting to do-it-yourself.

Unusual noises from your furnace is another sign of problems. Grinding or banging could be the fan or a fan belt or another component that is failing. If the heater doesn’t stay on, you’ll want a service technician to come out and make the repairs.

The normal color of your pilot light is blue. If it is yellow, it is a sign you have a problem, and your furnace could be leaking carbon monoxide. You should not see excessive rusting on the pipes or streaks of soot around the furnace. Get these things check out quickly to protect your health.

If your family is experiencing more colds or respiratory problems than normal, your HVAC system could be one of the problems. If your ducts have mold, mildew, or dust, the heater could be circulating these irritants into the air. Early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are headaches, nausea, and dizziness. If all of your family are experiencing these symptoms, get medical care immediately and have your furnace checked out before you go back home.

If you have had repairs in the last two years, you may want to consider replacing it before it needs more repairs. A furnace lasts between 10 -20 years, with the average lifespan around 12-15 years. If your furnace is past 15 years old, you will be replacing it soon. With a newer furnace, you should see a reduction in your heating costs because of greater efficiency. To learn more about HVAC service in Apex, please visit this website.

Monday, 6 July 2015

NADCA Recognizes Safe HVAC Inspection and Maintenance Contractors

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Why Picking the Correct Size Air Conditioner Matters

Getting through the summer is much easier with a good air conditioning system that fits your home. Many people aren’t aware that air conditioners come in different sizes or why it matters. To have the most efficient system, you need the AC that fits your needs.

Why Does the Size Matter?

It’s easy to think that you should get the biggest AC you can afford. However, this isn’t the right solution, because an AC that is too big quickly cools the air in your home, but it shuts off too soon. The walls and wood do not get cooled, which lets heat and humidity into the air. Then, the AC turns on again. This cycle means that your system runs far too often, which ends up costing you money. If your AC is too small, it won’t cool your home effectively no matter how much it runs. This wastes your money by raising your utility bills.

Factors That Affect the Size of Your AC

  • The volume of your home’s living space
  • The amount of sun-exposed walls
  • Age, orientation, and condition of windows. South-facing windows pick up more sun
  • The age of your home
  • Your existing ventilation system and ductwork
  • Shading from trees and shrubs

Choosing an air conditioner for your home is not a simple matter of choosing one based on the square footage of your home. It’s important to get a professional technician help you find the correct unit. To find a contractor for commercial air conditioning in Apex, please visit this website.

Heating Savings

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